Is The Logo Design Still Important For Business Image?

Customers do care about business logos. Logo design helps to make a connection between customers and brand. This is the reason that most of the companies rebrand their business identities. Many companies have replaced their characterful pictorial designs, cursive scripts, and excitable exclamation marks with simple and clean style.

Businesses Improve Their Logo for Target Audience

Today, businesses need to dress their brand identity creatively not for their target customers but also for the stakeholders such as investors. They need to make it look creative and unique so that it can communicate a more serious tone and increase the penetration in the market.

Logo Design Builds Reputation

As the brand grows and matures, logo builds a reputation in the market. It portrays the business personality, communicates the right business message and builds the right perceptions of the business. Your business identity can be targeted on each channel from social networking sites to digital media platform to gain recognition across the globe.

It’s More About The Symbol

The symbol has taken on a whole new level of prominence in a digital era. We have seen and accepted brand symbols such as “p” for Pinterest, “S” for Skype and “G” for Google. These symbols convey the best personality and message for the smartphone users. Therefore, it is important to design logo for smartphone apps in order to have a greater significance. Each brand needs to have tiny digitally identifiable graphic symbol for smartphones.

Necessary to Differentiate Between Brands

Perhaps logo design is more important to stand out in the crowd. In an age of fierce competition, logo’s visual representation helps the business to stand out. Designing brand identity is a very important part of the strategic development of a brand, and it is something that differentiates from other brands and increases the importance of brand globally. Once you have a unique business identity, it can grow over time to really reflect the character of a brand.

Looking back into history we can say that logo design has always been important as we can see that brands have expertly hand crafted their identity and has made their evolution by visually appealing brand symbol.

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Achieve Success Through Captivating Logo Design

First Impression always matters. Making a positive impact starts with your logo design; it is the visual face of your brand or company. It is one of the most important elements of your brand. Every brand needs to have an eye-catching and distinguished business symbol. A brand identity sparks strong feelings in your target customers. A fresh and unique brand mark, created by professional graphic designer, reaffirms the faith of your existing client base.

If you don’t have a unique business identity yet, then it is the right time to create something special that connects with your target market now and forever. It is the time to hire professional Logo Design Company to give your brand the real identity that drives your business.

Finding the right graphic design agency in UAE for your company should start with finding someone who understands your business and target market. A professional company will take time to understand your business needs. We know that you take time to listen to your customers, so why should you expect anything less from a professional graphic design agency?

Always looks for a creative designing company who can craft the right business message for your target customers to deliver positive results and ROI. A free logo design service will create a bad impact on your business.

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Our creative ideas help your business to connect with the target audience. Our professional and expert designing team believes that the best design is simple and uncluttered. With this in mind, our ideas are clean, modern with a clear and creative approach.

Whether your business symbol is outdated and needs a fresh look, or your business needs a new brand identity from scratch, Logo Design UAE provides innovative and contemporary logo design services that take your business to next level. Our professional and expert team will help you get noticed and generate interest in your company.

Al Ain Spring Consumer Fair: A Family Entertainment and Cultural Shopping Destination

Al Ain Convention center an outstanding venue for exhibitions, conferences and other special events is back again following the organization of the Al Ain Spring consumer fair 2017. The Al Ain Spring consumer fair 2017 is expected to be better than ever offering an array of shopping and entertainment showcasing culture and heritage. It also features international participation, which will provide an extensive range and diversity of products, in addition to the cultural climate and its reflection on its participants.

The Al Ain Spring Consumer Festival is a family consumer fair, featuring more than 170 exhibitors offering its visitors the latest in contemporary fashion, cosmetics, perfumes, antiques, gifts, women’s and baby clothing and home accessories, as well as showcasing traditional heritage to bring in the feelings of festivity and an ambiance of togetherness. In conclusion, there is something for consumers of all ages! And exhibitors also get great opportunities to do business and sell their products.

Being the biggest consumer fair during spring in Dubai, the Al Ain Convention center has arranged a platform for exhibitors to display and sell products off the stand. The objectives of the Al Ain Spring Consumer Fair are to develop an interactive platform between exhibitors and consumers. This will allow exhibitors to promote their products and attract the largest possible number of visitors and help them to achieve their goals in profit and business development.

Shop, Discover, and Explore!

We have captured the essence of the Al Ain Spring consumer fair 2017 in these three short words. The event is organized for visitors to shop, discover the latest products as well as explore and strengthen networking possibilities.

The Al Ain Spring consumer fair 2017 is open to the public from the 23rd of March to the 13th of April, 2017 at the Al Ain Convention center. The Al Ain Convention center provides a platform for world-embracing shopping ambience with international exhibitors all together in one place. So mark your calendar to come and create enduring memories of our fun-filled, one-stop consumer fair.

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Fuel Up Your Creative Skills to Design Logo

Building a unique brand image is necessary for the business and it is important for the businesses to build a unique corporate image which gives them a great recognition in the market. It is the foundation of any company to achieve success.

To build a unique brand identity one has to be more authentic and creative. In any case, innovativeness is not an in-conceived ability nor are the inventive thoughts a negligible divine revelation. It is a well ordered process that should be lined to think of designs that will draw the attention of the target audience. Strategic planning and technique is required for making your creative ideas work for the project.

Logo Design in UAE believes in offering top quality branding solutions, whether it is to design logo or develop website for the company, we deliver only the best. We are known for offering industry’s most affordable packages with reliable services. For 100% customer satisfaction, our affordable packages comply with 100% money back guarantee. Our dedicated and professional designers give out high quality logo design services.

It includes a lot of creative process and excessive research to design logo for the brand. A brand mark not only represents your products and services but it also helps in describing the ideology of your business. Therefore, it requires a detailed thought process to connect your business values with your visual representation.

Here are some of the essential steps to design logo professionally.

Mind Mapping

One of the first steps in designing a professional logo is mind mapping. It includes the process of brain storming the ideas, organizing and connecting those ideas into an understandable format. Professional logo designers come up with several ideas that are related to the business and it communicates the right business message. Through this mind mapping step designers get bunch of ideas to work with and finalize one idea that best represents the brand values.

Understanding Competitors and Target Audience

It is essential for the logo designers to research about the competitors and the target market. Having a brisk knowledge about the competitors and the target audience, it becomes easy for the designers to design logo that makes their brand distinct form its competitors.

Give It a New and Creative Look

After doing all the necessary research, logo designers need to work on the ideas that are more fresh and creative. Repeating the ideas will not help in uplifting the brand image. Design logo that has visual appeal and easily connects with the target audience.

Need to design logo for your brand? With Logo Design you will get a professional and amazing logo for your brand.

Web Design Trends That Every Designer Should Know

In the first half of 2016 we have witnessed some of the interesting web design trends. Among these trends there are 5 emerging trends that have hooked the attention of the target audience. Let’s take a closer look at these trends.


Microinteractions is a powerful web design because it looks simple yet it performs powerful engagement actions. Here are some of the advantages:

  • It allows users to interact with the website
  • Easily draws the attention
  • Strengthens the identity of the brand
  • Offers feedback for completed actions
  • Animation factor enables more fun

Material and Flat Design

It is a very simple layered web design that facilitates each and every device. It reflects the most stylish and aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Enhances the usability because the elements are easier to recognize
  • Allows easy and fast loading
  • It’s realistic mechanics gives life to the website
  • Responsive approach makes the browsing easy on the move

Layouts Like Cards

It sound simple to everyone but it takes a lot to create this unique design. It includes information presented in the form of cards that can easily be flipped, grouped or stacked. This web design provides a great amount of flexibility and it facilitates the factor of responsiveness which easily adjusts to all the screen sizes without losing its appeal. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Easy-to-use and understand
  • Enables the website to organize the content into digestible pieces.  Most effective for the websites that use content for the users such as social media
  • Content on the website is easy to share across various channels
  • Perfect example of responsiveness

Parallax Scrolling

In the year 2015, this web design trend gained much popularity and from then there was no looking back.  In parallax scrolling users witness a 3D effect on the website. Here are some of the advantages:

  • These designs are considered good for the mobile devices because scrolling means more on the smaller screens as compared to larger screens. This format goes well the touch pad
  • High potential to engage more users
  • Navigation becomes more simple and easy
  • Scrolling adds an element of surprise on the site


Illustrations has gained popularity because designers are bored with using stock photos and can design creative design that appeals to imagination and at the same time reinforce the uniqueness on the website. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Helps in developing personal connection
  • Total control over the choice of images, both with design and technical
  • Cost-effective and complete freedom to maintain the uniqueness
  • Communicates message with easy to understand images

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Website Design to Create an Online Presence

In today’s digital era, everyone aspire to have network page for their business regardless the size of business. A unique web page helps business to grow, expand, flourish, and maximizes the each to the target market. For creating a unique online presence for your brand it is essential to hire a professional designer. Website design is basically the creative art of arranging one’s ideas in a specific shape and design by authentic prescribed methods. Various tools and skills are required for this purpose. It does not matter how much authentic and useful information you post on your web page , readers do not spend much time if they do not get  anything appealing like color combination, images and design. Therefore a site should be interesting and amazing in a sense that it compels the visitors to visit your site.

Essentials of Web Page

There are few essentials while crafting a unique web design. Those essentials include color, layout fonts, graphics, and content.


Various colors can be used while designing a page. The combination of colors will enhance your design and make it appealing for clients or readers. So make sure you select the right combination of colors while designing the site.


Layout is a method by which images; patterns are arranged on a particular web page. Unlimited layouts are available for designers through which they can get inspired and create a unique one for their site.


Always choose fonts that go along with the colors and the layout of the site. Never use fancy fonts on a corporate site. It becomes difficult for the users to read the content and they simply bounce to another site.


Content on the page is equally important as compared to the design. They both work together to enrich the taste of the web page. Content should be interesting but neither too long nor too short. User’s easily loose interest with the lengthy content and short content may not provide complete knowledge. Therefore, it should be relevant and to the point.

In addition to that it is important for the companies to create a unique website because it helps companies to create awareness of the business and product offerings. Creating an online presence helps to increase the reach of your brand to a wider segment of audience. Furthermore, it gives a boost to your business and attracts a large number of audiences. So it is necessary to a unique online presence so that you can develop an effective relationship with your target market.

Logo Design offers an extensive range of digital solutions and creates unique website design for the clients who want to create their online presence. We have a team of professionals that are versatile, skilled, talented and experienced.